Cocoon Fitness PODTM


Ultimate Relaxation & Wellness For Mind And Body

Perth Cryo is proud to offer our wellness clients the latest in thermal technology with the Cocoon Wellness Pro Infrared Sauna Pod. Voted the world’s best Cocoon brand to restore the whole body to optimum function.

The Ultimate Wellness and Relaxation Pod


Used by astronauts for rehabilitation after a long flight in space, pain management clinics, chiropractors, fitness centres, beauty clinics, weight loss experts, world class athletes and so many more. In the past, any health and holistic wellness machines have been developed to condition the mind and body to promote wellness, relaxation, beauty and fitness. Studies have proven the benefits of various technologies and therapy techniques intended to improve mental and physical well being. However, serious limitations have always existed because no machine has been able to achieve the perfect balance of body and mind conditioning .

Until the emergence of the new COCOON WELLNESS PRO SYSTEM no one on this planet is free from toxins. Our bodies have become dumping grounds for toxic compounds that invade our air, water, and soil. Even if you try and do all the right things; exercising routinely, eating organic, drinking plenty of water, getting quality sleep; keeping our bodies clean is a struggle.
Our infrared Cocoon pods emit full spectrum FAR, MID and NEAR infrared light. This provides you with a unique, triple-action detox!

What is Cocoon Infrared therapy?

Infrared light is the invisible part of the Sun’s spectrum, which has the ability to easily penetrate human tissue. When this happens, it creates a natural resonance, which has many beneficial properties. You can be exposed to infrared heat for hours and it will never cause your skin to burn. Infrared heat is completely healthy and safe. In fact, it is so safe it is used in hospitals to warm newborn babies. Infrared Sauna Pod Therapy assists in detoxification, weight loss, pain management, cardiovascular health, skin purification and stress reduction.

Aside from all of these incredible benefits, white blood cell production is increased, aiding in strengthening the immune system, and buffers are rebalanced promoting more regular biorhythms and a healthy sleep pattern. As your body is reset, many ailments become problems of the past as the body repairs itself from the inside out. Infrared heat can also provide relief to patients suffering from arthritis, joint pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and certain skin conditions. Our full spectrum therapy heats the body and penetrates deeply into joints, muscles and tissues, speeding oxygen flow and increasing circulation whilst rebuilding collagen in the joints which relieves pain and relaxes muscles. On top of all of this, your body’s metabolism is stimulated during treatment, which can burn up to 600 calories with each Infrared Sauna Pod session.


NEAR infrared light delivers energy to the cells, stimulating healing and relieving pain. Infrared light therapy has been proven effective by hundreds of studies all over the globe, is 100% natural and has no known adverse side effects. It penetrates the body reaching deep into soft tissues, muscles, joints, and bone. Near infrared is absorbed by photo-receptors in each cell. Once absorbed, the light energy kicks off a whole series of metabolic events, stimulating the body’s natural processes on a cellular level. There is an increase in blood flow, allowing the parts of the body to receive the oxygen and nutrients they need in order to function more effectively. Cell regeneration is stimulated. Inflammation and pain are reduced.


Because mid infrared wavelengths penetrate deeper into the body, they are beneficial for increasing circulation. So much so that mid infrared therapy mirrors the benefits of a passive cardiovascular workout! Regular mid infrared sauna therapy has been shown to significantly stimulate blood flow – its effects continuing on even after the sauna session is completed.


Because far infrared sauna therapy heats the body directly rather than simply warming the air, it raises the core body temperature and produces a deep, detoxifying sweat at the cellular level, where most toxins reside. Far infrared also aids in blood pressure reduction & weight loss, burning up to
600 calories in one 40-minute session in the “COCOON WELLNESS PRO“

What To Expect After Your Pod Sessions

The Self-automated one-touch button activates all 15 Cocoon Wellness technologies. You can choose the program, and then just lay back and enjoy the healthy wellness experience

1 – 3 Sessions

You will leave feeling relaxed and refreshed. Your body is beginning to acclimate to the infrared light and you have experienced a small portion of overall health benefits. Don’t stop here.

4-8 Session

You have started to unlock the powerful detoxification process. Your body is now starting to eliminate surface level toxins more efficiently through perspiration. You are raising your core temperature quicker and burning more calories as a result.

9-16 Sessions

Your Body is fully acclimated and the real magic has begun. Complete cellular detoxification is underway. Eliminating harmful heavy metals. Aches, pains and stiffness are easing. Circulation has increased and your overall stress levels are down. Your skin is glowing and renewed. You are in a state of complete relaxation.

17+ Sessions

You have completed lifestyle change. You can see and feel the results. You are stress free, sleeping better, and detoxifying at a deep cellular level. Your body heals naturally from within and burns a high amount of calories every session. You are living a happier, healthier life!

Relaxation, Mindfulness & Wellness Renewal Cocoon sessions help create the perfect relaxation experience for optimum wellness renewal, rejuvenating meditation and other refreshing mindfulness benefits. The Cocoon Fitness POD™ can help you feel and enjoy the vital connection between mind and body for improved mental focus and acuity. With soothing massage vibration, aromatherapy and peaceful calm, the Cocoon transforms every session into your own ultimate renewal wellness sanctuary. The built-in exercise system is designed for enjoyable fitness improvements and a healthy fun lifestyle. Assists Weight Loss & Weight Management.

What is a Cocoon Fitness Pod Session Like?

Our staff will bring you to your private Pod. Before starting your session, you’ll want to be dressed n comfortable clothing. Less is better. We recommend bathers. Then, you’ll choose your program based on your desired results, and stay in the Pod for 40 minutes. You will lay facing up, and your hea will be outside of the pod for the duration. After your Session is over, you may use our shower facilities to freshen up.

Session Options


The Self-automated one-touch button activates all 15 Cocoon Wellness technologies. You can choose the program, and then just lay back and enjoy the healthy wellness experience.

Session time is 40 minutes, but please allow for 60 minutes for changing prior, and if you wish to use our showers afterwards.

40 minutes in LOW HEAT SETTING

• Stress Relief
• Power Nap
• Sleep Management
• Beginner Fitness Program(HIIT)

40 minutes in MED HEAT SETTING

• Muscle Flexibility/Warm Up
• Toning/Firming
• Chronic Pain Relief
• Muscle Workout Recovery
• Intermediate Fitness Program(HIIT)

40 minutes in HIGH HEAT SETTING (70, 80 or 90℃)

• Weight Loss/Management
• Detoxification
• Holistic Cleanse
• Advance Fitness Program(HIIT)

*HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

Let us help you with targeted recovery or health and beauty. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions or if you’d like any further information, we’re happy to help.