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At Perth Cryo we specialise in wellness and recovery treatments, in particular whole-body cryotherapy. Our treatments are great for sports recovery, fitness, pain management, anti-ageing, beauty and mental health. 

Perth Cryo is proud to be the first location in the Northern suburbs of Perth to offer such world renowned, cutting edge treatments. We have created a beautiful space for our clients to come and relax in. Our goal is that every client who visits us leaves feeling physically and mentally invigorated, energised and happier.


Whole-body cryotherapy, put simply, is the process of exposing the whole body to subzero temperatures in order to elicit a natural anti-inflammatory response, release endorphins, and reduce bodily pain. Originally developed by a Japanese rheumatologist to treat osteo and rheumatoid arthritis, it was soon discovered to have a great many other curative benefits and potential applications. 

Clients who have undergone our Whole-Body Cryotherapy say they experience a multitude of benefits, including “feeling rejuvenated”, “a feeling of wellbeing” “improvement in athletic performance” and having more energy”

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Tony Robbins
Joe Rogan
Christiano Ronaldo
Will Smith
Justin Bieber
Jessica Biel
Mark Whalberg
Usain Bolt

Lebron James
Floyd Mayweather
Justin Timberlake
Lindsay Lohan
Daniel Craig
Alicia Keys
Jennifer Aniston 


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